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James R. Stout

The Way I See It

            To those of you read my blog on a regular basis you probably have noticed that for the past three months I haven’t made as many entries as I typically have in the past. I don’t need to tell you that its been nuts lately. There was the pandemic and all that goes with that, but more recently the civil unrest has been the news. “Civil Unrest” doesn’t really cover it though. I’ve made no secret of how old that I am. I turn 65 in three months. There was a time when being that age was considered being “old”. “Old” is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t see an old man in the mirror, but I certainly feel old at times. But I’m not useless. I’m not irrelevant. I’m not a waste of resources. No matter how younger people in their 20’s and 30’s may believe, I am none of those things.

            I’m going to get serious now. America is in very deep trouble. I wish that I could offer you hope of a better day to come. But I honestly don’t see it happening. I have recently read several posts on Facebook and articles in published magazines that are very alarming. At least, they are to people my age and older. The people writing these things have suggested that America can’t come together the way that they believe it should until “the older generation” dies off. One such article all but came out to say that the old people in America today need to just die already. Let me harken back a bit. Until the generation that came of age in the late 50’s and 60’s, previous generations respected those who came before. Older people were looked to for wisdom and guidance because they had lived through things that younger people had not yet experienced. Even that generation that was so vocal in the 60’s didn’t universally go along with the rebellious aspects. Only a small portion of that generation marched and spoke out against the generations that came before. Furthermore, many of those that did rebel in those heady days of the 1960’s eventually got enough mileage on them to realize that they had been wrong and perhaps the older generations were not so dumb as they had believed. In a word, we “matured”. Most of us who might have done a bit of rebelling in our teens and early 20’s got married, got jobs, had families, and came to understand that there are more important things than the “immediate gratifications” that we sought when young. We were also far better education. Now, before some of you take offense at that, read this all the way through before making a judgement. I’m not saying we were more intelligent. I’m not saying that the under 40 crowd of today are stupid. It’s just that they have been fed a steady stream of lies and false teachings since kindergarten. Part of the fault lies with my generation for not stopping it from happening. But the fact is an agenda to deceive young people was put into motion and is unfortunately alive and well as I write this. The very fabric of what made our nation the greatest nation in history has been torn apart by those who wish to push the agenda. Make no mistake about one thing. They are not doing this by mistake or from a false sense of rightness. They are doing it with full knowledge of what they are doing and for one reason only. Power.

            The facts are clear that we as a nation are like a patient on life-support. When a nation built on a faith in God no longer allows the mention of God in our schools or the teachings of the Bible, then the end result is inevitable. We have no hope without God and a faith in His Son, Jesus. A man in his early 30’s, believing that he was enlightened beyond my capabilities, proudly quoted “Religion or God is the opiate of the masses.” I asked him where that came from and he could not say other than he was told it by a professor when he was attending college. I asked him if he had ever heard of Karl Marx. He said he knew the name. I suggested that he do some research on the man and then get back to me. He never brought up the subject again. When a generation quotes communists and places those people into a position of being “great”, then the generation has been corrupted.

            In 1965 you could turn on the TV to a national news program and you got the news. It wasn’t the reporter’s opinions or beliefs. It was what was happening for real. Today’s news programs are as corrupt as they can get. The wagging of the dog is about to scramble the dog’s brain. I don’t want to talk about politics though. I want to talk about what’s right and what’s wrong. There are too many Americans today who believe that they are right, but are either ignorant, blinded, or corrupt. We are at a point in our nation where simply quoting the 10 commandments means nothing to many people. If someone doesn’t believe in God, then they aren’t likely to believe in the Bible. If they don’t believe in the Bible, then quoting it has no effect on their actions. They are going to do what they want to do, and they will do it fully believing that they are right and have the right to do whatever it is that they wish to do. Never has common sense been so uncommon than in America today.

            So, all of this sounds negative to many of you. There are likely a few of you who will stop reading my blog because they don’t want to be “exposed to negative thoughts”. If a patient goes to his doctor and says, “My stomach hurts”, then what should the doctor do? Let’s say he has some tests done and blood analyzed and something alarming is discovered. The doctor tells the patient what the findings are and what can be done about it. If the patient listens to the doctor and does what he suggests, then odds are the patient will get better. But if the patient says, “That’s negative vibes, man, and I can’t handle negative vibes”, and then he doesn’t do what the doctor tells him that he should, the patient is likely in for a rough ride and may well put his very life in jeopardy. Well, America can either do what is necessary to right the ship or we can ignore the Doctor and suffer the consequences. I hope that none of what I say “offends” you. It is not my intention to be offensive. I care about my fellow citizens no matter what the color of your skin might be or the specific beliefs that you may have. I want to see America become the greatest nation again. But that’s simply not going to happen if our nation continues to turn away from God. That’s the way I see it.

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