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It's Done!

I have officially deleted my Facebook account. Well, actually it says that it won't be deleted for real for 30 days. They want to give you a chance to come back during that time. Not gonna happen. Just to show you how much time is wasted on social media sites such as Facebook, I downloaded everything from my account for 2018. I have been doing this yearly since I started on Facebook in 2009. Keeping in mind that the download is just for the first 11 months, it amounted to a zip file of 86 mb. That's just MY posts and so forth. Once extracted the figure goes way up. So, that's an awful lot of time spent just on Facebook this year. I plan on replacing that time with writing, photography, and recording. I'll be updating you HERE like I did on Facebook, but without all the aggravation associated with Facebook. 

I sure hope to hear from my friends via this website. I guess if one can't be bothered to click on my website for updates, then perhaps one won't really miss me at all. I'll miss you guys if you don't.

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