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Day 10 of My 2019 Great Adventure

            It’s hard to believe that I’ve now finished 10 days of my adventure. I still have another 5 days left. We left out of Carson City, Nevada about 6:30 this morning. I must say that Sofia is a trouper. She was ready to go and excited about the day to come. We started out by filling up on gas and then headed out on US 50 – The Loneliest Road in America. For the most part, it lived up to its name. There were great stretches where there were no cars or perhaps only 2 or 3 within sight. The scenery was great. It vacillated between long stretches of flat road surrounded by mountains in all directions and some steep grades through mountain passes. These passes were mostly over 7,500 feet elevation. Of course, we had to stop a few times to take some pictures.

            Sofia used her cell phone camera to take a bunch of photos as well as her Instax Mini camera that is like a miniature Polaroid. She is so darned cute. At one point she made a funny noise and I asked her what was wrong. She blushed and said, “Have you ever burped, and it came out your nose?” Cracked me up! We drove a total of 377 miles today, but a lot of it was on winding roads that you couldn’t go more than about 40 mph.

            We pulled into Ely, Nevada about 2:30. I had already made reservations at a hotel here and it was too early to just go to the hotel. So, we drove out to Cave Lake State Park. It is very different than most of the state parks in Texas. While there are some in Texas that might be as grand, most are not. This park road wound through some incredible mountains with huge rock outcroppings, beautiful trees of various kinds, some stunning purple, red, yellow, and blue wildflowers, and then there was the lake. The water is very clear because it is formed from melting snow. It has an almost emerald green hue to it. The only lake that I have seen that color before is Glacier Lake in Montana. Sofia had to dip her toes in the water, and she said it very cold. There was an unafraid mallard swimming nearby oblivious to the humans watching it. There was also a young couple with their large dog that had no problem swimming out to fetch his play ball after they threw it in the lake.

            We got back to Ely about 4:30 this afternoon and checked into the hotel. Unfortunately, the swimming pool is under maintenance, so Sofia couldn’t go swimming. But it’s just as well given how cold the water probably would be. According to the weather forecast here, it’s supposed to dip down to 42 degrees tonight! That doesn’t happen much in East Texas even in the winter.

            I am really enjoying my time with Sofia on this trip. Today was mostly a driving day, but tomorrow we will be going to Zion National Park and the Grand Escalante Staircase in Utah. Our cameras will be overheating by the end of the day! Well, I’m about ready to hang it up for the day. I’ll leave you with a joke that Sofia’s little sister, Helena, made up.

            “Why did the deaf Pterodactyl go to the bathroom?


            “Because it had a silent P.”


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