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All Quiet On The Website Front

I have no idea if anybody is reading these posts. Although there is an easy way for someone to comment, nobody has done so today. So, I'm just going to assume that somebody out there is reading this. Sort of like a DJ on a small radio station in Botswalla, Texas who keeps talking assuming somebody is out there listening, but not actually having a clue if maybe he's the only person hearing his voice. I do know that the website has received 47 hits since last night. I guess it's possible that some of those were by accident or curiosity, but surely some of those hits were people who took the time to read my posts and check out other items on the website.

All of that said, I knew that leaving Facebook and social media was going to see a steep decline on the amount of known interactions with other people. Let's face it (no pun intended), Facebook, Twitter (which I have never done), and other such outlets are powerful. Facebook in particular. It's a freaking monster is what it is. But I refuse to feed the monster anymore.

It's been a mixed day for me. It started early around 6 a.m. I was very productive until about 2 o'clock this afternoon. By that time the rain had really started to (ahem) dampen things around here. As I write this, the rainfall total here on my place is just under 5 inches of rain for today. It has been some kind of year where rainfall has been concerned. I don't know that official total for my place or the county, but I do know that it's been way more than usual. In fact, the past two years have seen the area be wet most of the time. The only period of time that we didn't have a lot of rain was during July-August. That's typical though. Now, if you go back to 2011-2012 it was just the opposite. We suffered through an extended draught. I lost a lot of pine trees and some hard woods too due to the lack of rain then. Those trees have continued to rot and now with all the wet weather in the past two years the dead trees along the roads got waterlogged and came tumbling down. I have too get the tractor out and move the trees off the road quite a bit. Of course, if the county commissioner did his job, then I wouldn't have to do that as well as try to maintain the road leading to my house despite it being a county road. He's worthless as far as I'm concerned. Interestingly enough, he lives about 10 miles from me. The county road that goes by his house is in perfect shape up to his gate. Then it becomes a mud track. I'm planning on going to the next commissioner's court meeting where you can bring concerns you have. I have pictures for show and tell. His road versus the roads around my place which are in reality nothing more than creek beds due to he doesn't maintain them properly. He refuses to use the county equipment to dig ditches and install culverts so that the water doesn't simply run down the middle of the roads or cut deep trenches across them. The crazy thing is if he would fix the roads right to begin with, then maintaining them would be pretty simple. The truth is it's a good ole boy club and he picks and chooses who gets passable roads based on whether or not you're in the club. About 9 years ago he came to me and said that for $500 he would bring in rock on the road leading up to my house. I told him that my taxes already paid for the rock. So, ever since then my road is the last road to be graded and he refuses to do any preventative maintenance on it.

Anyway . . .

Since about 2 this afternoon I've been kind of in a funk. Can't do anything outside. Can't record due to the sound of rain too much. Can't do photography. Could write, but don't feel like it. I did manage to wash a couple of loads of clothes (what an exciting life!). I could watch a movie, but don't feel like that either. Rain is not my friend. There's just been too much of it. Since October I've had around 32 inches of rain which is 2/3's of a typical years total for the area. So, that amounts to 8 months of rainfall in only 2 months. I need to go out to West Texas where it doesn't rain like this. Would love to try out the new camera. But, there's a lot going on related to the holidays and any trip will have to wait until after Christmas.

Just for grins . . . If someone actually reads this, then make a one word comment. Just let me know that I'm not talking to the air.



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