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James R. Stout

Dear Friends

Hello Readers and Friends!

            I know that people are reading my blog and visiting my website. I know this because of the counter that tells me how many views that I have had. To all of you who come and read my blog I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You'll never know how much it means to me. That said, I would like you to do something for me if you don't mind. I need a little feedback. I compare it to a performer standing on a stage and he knows that there are people listening, but there's no feedback of any kind. It would really help me to know your thoughts on what I post. It doesn't have to be a long comment. Even a simple "Amen!" or "I know how you feel" would be great.

            I am get upwards of 50-75 visits to my blog a day now yet I rarely get any comment. I asked a friend about this who happens to read my blog every day and she told me that she doesn't want her personal information shown or sold, so she doesn't comment. I was very surprised because I did not realize that anyone would get this impression from the site. So, let me explain how you can very easily make a comment without me or my website knowing a thing about you.

            Go to the bottom of the particular blog that you want to make a comment on. Click on "comment". This will take you to a comment screen. You'll see spaces to show your name, website, etc. LEAVE THEM BLANK! Just skip down to the comment box, make your comment, check the box that verifies you are a real person and not a "robot", then click submit. THAT'S IT! Your comment is then shown in the comment section and listed as from "anonymous".

            None of your information can be obtained by my website nor am I interesting in keeping such information. Please note that I do not have advertisers on my website. I do not allow pop-ups or collection of information of who my readers are. That's not what my blog is all about. I simply want to share with you my thoughts, memories, and views on a whole host of subjects. I think that many of you have some of the same views, similar memories, and shared thoughts. While it is true that someday I may use my website to offer for sale (direct from me) a book that I am writing, my intention is for you to enjoy what I have to say with no strings attached.

            So, I ask you to simply make a comment from time to time as though we are having a conversation. I hope to hear from you occasionally and if you like my blog, then please share it with your friends and family. Just copy the link for a given blog entry and forward it via whatever method you wish to choose.

            Thanks again and I hope your days are filled with the joy of living.


            James R. Stout (Randy to my friends!)

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