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James R. Stout

Announcement #1

            Hello! This will be a short entry. I basically wanted to let you know that I am working hard on what will be my first book. In fact, I have gotten the first draft completed. It will take a bit more of my time to get the book edited and ready for printing. Therefore, my blog entries may be a bit shorter than usual for a while which will allow me more time to complete the book. If you like my blog, then you will like the book. The book will be a collection of memoirs from my life from birth to about twenty. Some of these have appeared as blog entries and I will be editing them to fit the format of the book. By the way, the name of the book will be “Souvenirs From a Life”.

            I want to thank each and every one of you who have read my blog and have been so supportive. I know that I can count on you to be a little patient while I get this project completed. Feel free to contact me or to leave a comment at any time. You have all meant so much to me as I have shared my life with you via this blog. Until next blog, God bless you and keep being you.

James R. Stout

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