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Blog posts September 2020

The Forever Spring

            I decided to go out to eat for a late lunch or early supper. You choose. So, I went to a Tex-Mex restaurant that I haven’t been able to go to in several months. Just me by myself. I truly don’t like to do sit down eating in a restaurant by myself, but there just wasn’t anyone else to go …

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The Night The Beast Bought The Farm

            I was 9-years-old and had a yearning to be a woodsman. I had been enthralled with the movie tales of Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone as well as the many western movies and television programs of the day. I had won first place in a contest in The Cub Scouts and the prizes were an official …

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The Contraption

            If you’ve been reading my recent blog entries, then you are aware that I am moving. One of the things that has taken a great deal of time in preparing to move has been packing boxes with all my worldly goods. I must admit that I learned quickly that I have been something of a pack rat ov…

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Snoopy Vs. The Wicked Witch of the West

            In February of 1967, our family moved into the house that I would do the remainder of my growing up. I was 11-years-old at the time. I moved out of that house in September of 1976, but my parents stayed there until 1979. When I was growing up, I mostly had good teachers. Some were better…

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A Gravel Road

            Our family moved into a small neighborhood in Bryan, Texas in October of 1963. Each street had roughly 4 or 5 houses on each side of the street. Not all of the streets were filled with houses. There were vacant lots spread out among the streets. Our street had 5 such lots. Our street had…

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The Haunted Elevator

            We were expecting our second child, my daughter Hayley, and things were tight financially speaking. Our son was about 7 months old at the time. The job that I had went away with the downturn of the construction industry in Houston during the mid-80’s. It was a good job with excellent pay…

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The Blue Hydrangea

            As the story goes, my great-grandmother would go and visit her two daughters from time to time. She was a widow of five years when she made one of these visits. My grandmother and grandfather drove her over to one of her daughter’s homes about 75 miles away. This was likely quite an inte…

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My Final Commision?

            I know some people who believe that you should never look back on your life and that you should only look forward. While that sounds like a positive thing, the truth is that if you’re lucky you’ll get to an age where the majority of your life has been lived. I’m 65-years-old (well, I wil…

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