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Blog posts June 2020

The Parable of the Millennial

            A 24-year-old man walked into a game store to look for a new game system that he was interested in buying. He knew something was amiss immediately. There was a table set-up in the front of the store with an old man standing behind it. On the table sat a plastic container like the kind th…

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Vroom! Vroom! 4+6=2

            Most likely there will always be cars that are intentionally loud. When it comes to the cars of today, things have changed since I was a kid. They were definitely louder when I was a kid. Not obsessively so, but the design of exhaust systems and engines was completely different. I rememb…

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The Way I See It

            To those of you read my blog on a regular basis you probably have noticed that for the past three months I haven’t made as many entries as I typically have in the past. I don’t need to tell you that its been nuts lately. There was the pandemic and all that goes with that, but more recent…

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