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Day 14 and The Last Day of My 2019 Big Adventure

            Day 14 & Day 15, The Last Day of my adventure, were Saturday and Sunday. I didn’t blog those two days because I was quite exhausted. That said, let’s start with Day 14. We got up early and left Roswell on Saturday morning. We drove straight to Carlsbad Caverns and were there by shortly a…

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Day 13 of My 2019 Big Adventure

            Day 13 of my adventure is done and I’m tired! We left out of Farmington, NM about 7 a.m. We mostly just drove today. The scenery from Farmington through where we exited I-40 at Clines Corner was still very impressive. But from Clines Corner to Roswell was pretty much nothing to see. When…

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Day 12 of My 2019 Big Adventure

            The end of Day 12 of my adventure finds me in a Holiday Inn Express in Farmington, New Mexico. It was a very long day, but oh so worth it. Perhaps the best part was when Sofia ran ahead of me to the top overlook of Inspiration Point in Bryce Canyon National Park and I could hear her make…

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Day 11 of my 2019 Big Adventure

            Day 11 of my adventure is coming to a close. It’s been a long day, but a very good day. We left Ely, Nevada at 6 a.m. this morning. The drive between Ely, Nevada and Beaver, Utah was terrific. I wasn’t expecting that part of the drive to be so good. There were some parts that were vast a…

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Day 10 of My 2019 Great Adventure

            It’s hard to believe that I’ve now finished 10 days of my adventure. I still have another 5 days left. We left out of Carson City, Nevada about 6:30 this morning. I must say that Sofia is a trouper. She was ready to go and excited about the day to come. We started out by filling up on ga…

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Day 9 of my 2019 Big Adventure

            Day 9 of my 2019 Big Adventure started with me going to the Sacramento International Airport and picking up my granddaughter Sofia. She flew out of Hobby International in Houston at 6 a.m. CST, made a short stopover in San Diego, and then up to Sacramento. It was her first time to fly by…

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Intermission Ketchup

            It’s time to catch you up on my adventure. I’m on the road again, but with my granddaughter, Sofia, with me now. I’ll tell you about today in a little bit, but first let me tell you about the “Intermission”. Last Friday was the first day of the intermission. It started out very simply. M…

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Days 5-8 - Intermission

Days 5,6,7 & 8 – Intermission

            I may not make an entry on all of the next few days. The reason is because I am at my cousin’s and we will basically be doing a lot of visiting and most of what we will do won’t be particularly “adventure” in nature. I will catch you up on my little int…

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Day 4 of My 2019 Big Adventure

            Day 4 of the adventure is nearly over, and I’m beat. In the past 4 days I’ve driven over 2100 miles. That includes some sightseeing along the way as well. But it’s been a great time. I do need a couple of days of keeping my feet up some as opposed to all the driving that I’ve been doing.…

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Day 3 of My 2019 Big Adventure

            And so, Day 3 of my adventure is coming to a close. It was a day of extremes. When I left the hotel at 5:50 a.m. it was 47 degrees. When I checked into the hotel here in Ridgecrest, California it was 102 degrees. Of course, this is the desert. I also went from an elevation of …

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Day 2 of My 2019 Big Adventure

            It’s nearing the end of Day 2 on this big adventure. I started out in Clovis, New Mexico and it was 52 degrees. Brrrr. By the time I got into Arizona it was 92 degrees. I had another great day today. I must admit that I’m glad to have New Mexico in my rearview mirror for now. There’s sum…

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Day 1 of My 2019 Big Adventure

            I told myself that I wouldn’t do anymore of those 500 mile drive a days. I lied. On my first day of this adventure I left home at 6:26 a.m. The plan was to get to Lubbock and spend the night. I’m writing this from my hotel room in Clovis, New Mexico. Like I said, I lied. I drove over 600…

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When I Was Seven

            If you’re over a certain age, then you will probably remember Art Linklater and his program “Kids Say the Darndest Things”. He would interview kids and ask questions and some of the answers were hilarious. Well, kids also do the darndest things. Let me tell you about one…

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X-15 Moments

            The first camera that I owned was a Kodak X-15 Instamatic that used 126 film. It was a Christmas present from my parents in 1971. I had always been interested in photography, but the cost of a good camera was beyond my means. The Kodak was not what you would call a “good camera”. It was …

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What's In A Name?

            What’s in a name? Jim Croce sang about the mere fact that he had a name. His name meant something. But names have come and gone through the centuries. I’ll be speaking of English names in this little piece. Around the time that I was born there were some favorite names that our parents g…

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Let's Play In The Dirt!

            It may sound strange to the children of today, but when I was a child one of the things that we would do for hours at a time was to “play in the dirt”. In an age where children don’t spend a great deal of time outside, I’m sure that playing in the dirt sounds like something that wouldn’t…

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When The Flavor Ebbs Away

            I used to love to chew chewing gum. I especially liked those big balls of gum that were bursting with flavor. There was a manufacturer that sold them in a pack of 8 gum balls. The flavors included lime, grape, cherry, lemon, orange, strawberry, raspberry, and banana. I also loved the Fru…

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