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The Pimple Fairy

            It was the fall of 1974 and I was 19-years-old at the time. It was during that perplexing time in life when I was not quite a man and not a boy either. Late one night about 1 o’clock in the morning I had just gone to bed. I wasn’t asleep yet, but all was quiet in the house and the lights…

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Today Is The Only Day We Can Ever Count On

             Now let’s be honest here. How many of us started working at our perfect job on the first job we ever had? I don’t see too many hands raised there. Next question. How many of us, after working in a few jobs, found our perfect job and spend the rest of our working lives blissfully unaware…

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A Walk Through Fire

             I saw a picture recently of an old bridge that was made out of concrete and steel. There’s no telling how many cars have been driven over that bridge over the years. Even the best engineered bridges will weaken over time. The stress applied to the bridge by movement, wind, rain, cold, h…

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The Chain

            When I was a freshman in high school, we were required to take a semester of “health” classes. Some of the topics included how our bodies work, sex education, diseases, and a full six-weeks of anti-drug classes with films and so forth to reinforce the ill-effects of taking either illegal…

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              In the book of Genesis there’s a story told that explains why the people of the world speak different languages. The story can be found in Chapter 11: 1-9. I won’t got into the story because that’s not the point of this blog entry. I will only say that very suddenly people who had all …

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