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The Coat Of One Color

This time in 1977 was rather tough for me. I was married for just over a year. We had just gone through a bad health scare with my wife. We were broke and literally living hand to mouth. My job was a complete horror and things seemed to have no light on the horizon. We decided given our financial si…

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Time Travel In A Little Country Church

I found out that time travel is possible. It didn’t take Einstein to figure it out either. All it took was for me to bear witness to an event that was quite endearing and a complete blessing to my heart. The little church that my mother grew up in recently had it’s 150th Anniversary. They have alway…

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Marlena, My Candy Girl

I made a trip into Houston recently. Well, to be honest it was just north of Houston in a place called The Woodlands. Speaking of which, what were the founders of that city thinking when they included “the” in the name of their town? I’ve always thought it odd. Alas, there’s no telling what would ca…

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