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     I recently read an article regarding retail stores and businesses that will likely soon vanish. Go out of business. Turn out the lights and the party’s over. Some of the companies I have never done business at. Mostly because the business is not related to anything I would ever buy. Women’s clo…

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How I Remember It

As we quickly approach another November 22nd, I can’t help thinking of that particular one 54 years ago this Wednesday. If you were to talk to anyone who was old enough to remember the day that JFK was assassinated, then you would hear them talk about where they were and how they heard about it an…

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The Coat Of One Color

This time in 1977 was rather tough for me. I was married for just over a year. We had just gone through a bad health scare with my wife. We were broke and literally living hand to mouth. My job was a complete horror and things seemed to have no light on the horizon. We decided given our financial si…

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Time Travel In A Little Country Church

I found out that time travel is possible. It didn’t take Einstein to figure it out either. All it took was for me to bear witness to an event that was quite endearing and a complete blessing to my heart. The little church that my mother grew up in recently had it’s 150th Anniversary. They have alway…

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Marlena, My Candy Girl

I made a trip into Houston recently. Well, to be honest it was just north of Houston in a place called The Woodlands. Speaking of which, what were the founders of that city thinking when they included “the” in the name of their town? I’ve always thought it odd. Alas, there’s no telling what would ca…

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Saturday Nights, 1965

When I was about 10 years old Saturday nights around our house were way cool. Let me tell you about how some of them were. Saturday nights 1965 included some that were spent in front of the TV as a family. We would watch “Flipper” and “I Dream of Jeannie” and then “The Lawrence Welk Show”. The “big”…

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The Days and Nights of My Childhood

     This is just a little bit of me thinking back on how things were for me as a child. Consider it a sort of “stream of conscientiousness”. Never mind negatives for this little bit of remembering. Some people might read these and think they were negative, but trust me when I tell you I look back o…

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     The summer of 1968 was, for me at least, a great summer. It was the last summer of my “childhood” so far as I’m concerned. It is true that I was only 12 that summer (turned 13 in September of 1968) and that technically I was still a “kid” for another few years, but it was the last summer for me…

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My Father's Whistle


      In the fall of 1963 our family moved into a new home (new for us) in Bryan, Texas. Bryan was a sleepy little town back then. College Station, Bryan’s sister city, was a good deal more "of the times", but for a few more years Bryan would be more like the 50’s than the 60’s. Of course, this …

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Blocks of Ages

      One of the earliest toys that I had the pleasure to look forward to playing with when visiting my grandparents was what was called “Playskool’s Duffle Bag O’Blocks”. It lived up to its name. It was a canvas bag of real wooden blocks in different shapes and painted in various colors. My sisters…

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